In this week’s interview, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Vivienne Tang, Founder and CEO of Destination Deluxe.

Vivienne has been in wellness publishing for quite some time now. She started one of Hong Kong’s very first online wellness magazines back in the day. It was called The Source Asia, and it was mainly focusing on holistic wellness and sustainability in Hong Kong. Vivienne eventually rebranded it and relaunched it as Destination Deluxe, focusing on wellness and travel across the globe.

Connect with Vivienne
Let’s start with the timeless 60 seconds ‘elevator pitch’, what’s yours?

Destination Deluxe is a leading international wellness and travel platform that features life-changing experiences for travelers. We seek out the smartest ways to help time-starved decision-makers rejuvenate, reconnect with themselves, and improve their wellbeing.

At our core, we hand-pick the finest luxury resorts & hotels, the most inspiring destinations and journey ideas, as well as the most reinvigorating retreats and spas from around the world. With our readers’ complete happiness in mind, we also feature a range of lifestyle and wellness products, health and fitness tips, plus a range of holistic practices and interviews with leading personalities, allowing our readers to become the best version of themselves.

At one point or another, it is inevitable that challenges will pop up in business. What’s your approach to overcoming challenges?

I have to stay flexible with the ability to pivot if certain projects don’t work out. Of course, will half of our business focused on travel, we had to adapt numerous times during the pandemic.

Being able to keep your focus on long-term goals while you’re constantly forced to re-adjust requires a lot of patience and perseverance. You can’t cry over spilled milk, you simply have to get up, move on and try again.

Sales and marketing are two very important, but different, functions within a business. What is your number one sales tip?

First, you have to build a relationship with your client. People only want to do business with someone they can trust. Establish that relationship/friendship first.

You have to find out what the client needs, then figure out if you can help them. There’s no point in selling them something that they don’t need.

Vivienne Tang, Founder, Destination Deluxe
Vivienne Tang, Destination Deluxe, Hong Kong
What is your favourite business tool or system?

My Xero accounting system. It’s super easy to use and has completely simplified my life.

It is important to celebrate your achievements, particularly during the difficult times. How do you celebrate your achievements?

Interestingly I often don’t celebrate, but we should celebrate the little wins too.

Being in business is like an education in itself, what are the three most important lessons you’ve learned in your business?

Lesson 1: I stopped spending money on unnecessary things. Of course, we all want an amazing office with the latest equipment and whatnot. But you quickly understand that all those things are completely unnecessary when running a real business.

Lesson 2: Work with people who have similar values. This doesn’t only apply to your clients, but also to your team members.

Lesson 3: Don’t take advice from people who: A. don’t know much about your business, B. have a mindset that’s stuck in lack and scarcity, C. don’t understand entrepreneurship.

What business-related book or podcast has inspired you the most?

Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

The purpose of such an interview is to promote your business. Please tell us, who is your dream client?

We are fortunate enough to work with many dream clients who are in the wellness & travel, as well as fitness and wellbeing fields. Not only is their offering amazing, but their values also align with ours.

If you are Vivienne’s dream client, please contact her through her website, Destination Deluxe.

Thank you for taking the time to connect with us, Vivienne. We are delighted to showcase you on our site.

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