In this week’s interview, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Rachel Carrasco​, Founder at RACHE.

In 2017, an ex-colleague and good friend of Rachel recommended her for a Regional Marketing Manager role at his company. He was the new Commercial Director for APAC at that time, and they were setting up a new prestige category for the business.

She applied; however, the company hit its foreign worker quota so they could only take in locals or permanent residents. Rachel was bummed out as she thought the role would be perfect. But a twist of fate gave her a chance of a lifetime.

The Managing Director, who she knew from a previous job, suggested she start a consulting firm so she could do the work for them. Rachel was hesitant at first, thinking, “HOW?” But her friend, being the good friend he is, sat her down and reminded her of the days she would sit across him at work and talk about doing her own thing. Rachel still remembers to this day what he said, “This is your dream. Do it.”

She took the plunge and the rest was history.

Connect with Rachel
Let’s start with the timeless 60 seconds ‘elevator pitch’, what’s yours?

Everyone wants to live their best life, but not everyone knows how. At RACHE, our goal is to help people reach their highest potential, whether it is through authentic experiences, branding or empowerment. Let us be your guide.

At one point or another, it is inevitable that challenges will pop up in business. What’s your approach to overcoming challenges?

Whenever I encounter setbacks or delays, I always remind myself that I have the power to change any situation. Nothing is permanent. I take a step back, breathe and then try again.

Sales and marketing are two very important, but different, functions within a business. What is your number one sales tip?

I say this in marketing too- sell a product or a brand you believe in. You’ll be surprised at how natural and easy it is to convince others if you, yourself, are convinced too.

Rachel Carrasco, Founder at RACHE, Singapore
Rachel Carrasco, Business Strategist, Singapore
What is your favourite business tool or system?

Powerpoint! I rock presentations. In fact, contrary to what is seen on my website, brand strategy makes 70% of our workload. This means having to create numerous decks, it really is what clients pay me to do.

I know marketers nowadays use Keynote or Canva for their ready-made templates, but I love the freedom blank templates bring and the Ux of PPT.

It is important to celebrate your achievements, particularly during the difficult times. How do you celebrate your achievements?

Time off alone. Regeneration of oneself is vital to generate new ideas.

Being in business is like an education in itself, what are the three most important lessons you’ve learned in your business?

Lesson 1: Everyone knows the adage: “Learn to say ‘no’”. It’s particularly crucial to do so when you are your own boss because what you do say ‘yes’ to will shape your work, and your pride and enjoyment in it.​

Lesson 2: Trust your team. You hired them for a reason.  As a leader, it can sometimes be difficult to let go. But you must. Apart from growing your business, you need to provide a space for your team to grow as well.

Lesson 3: Let’s be real. Not everything always goes to plan, so keep evolving. Have a rant session if you must and then once you’re done, interject a little bit of stoic thinking, pick yourself back up and plan your next move.

What business-related book or podcast has inspired you the most?

I prefer reading biographies and watching documentaries of men and women that have made an impact on the world or have changed the course of history. It provides me insights into their thinking mind and most importantly, it reminds me that anything is possible.

I do love listening to Simon Sinek’s talks as well as looking at initiatives led by people like Richard Branson, Emily Weiss, and Gordon Ramsay. My favourite reads are on Bloomberg, Forbes and Time.

The purpose of such an interview is to promote your business. Please tell us, who is your dream client?

 The real dream is to form my own group of companies that houses brands that I have developed and invested in. Apart from creating new brands, I am seeking out potential ideas and businesses that I believe I can scale regionally or globally. This will enable me to give others the opportunity to live out their dreams. Let’s say it’s my way of paying it forward.

From here, I believe the dream clients will come.

If you are Rachel’s dream client, please contact her through her website,

Thank you for taking the time to connect with us Rachel. We are delighted to showcase you on our site.

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