In this week’s interview, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Priscilla Shin, Psychotherapist and Founder of Range Counselling Services.

It was always a dream for Priscilla to start her own psychotherapy practice ever since she started learning about counselling in her university days. After graduation, she initially worked as a civil servant and a few other places as a counsellor but no matter how fulfilling the role was, it didn’t feel quite complete. After 8 years working under organizations and mulling over the decision, Priscilla decided to take the leap and start her own business. The pull factor was also that she could have the flexibility to be available for her children. Her family and husband were all supportive of her decision. Hence the birth of RANGE Counselling Services!

Connect with Priscilla
Let’s start with the timeless 60 seconds ‘elevator pitch’, what’s yours?

At RANGE Counselling Services, we help people make meaning of life and reconnect with themselves again through mental health support and counselling.

At one point or another, it is inevitable that challenges will pop up in business. What’s your approach to overcoming challenges?

Having a strong social support is extremely important for me. My family and husband have been vital to the success of my business and without them, I would not have had the courage to take this step out of the norm.

Sales and marketing are two very important, but different, functions within a business. What is your number one sales tip?

Consistency – this is so crucial for success in business and almost everything in life. Whether you take time to create content for marketing or meet people to discuss future prospects, keep doing something. Everything that you do (whether or not it feels fruitful) is contributing to your business. It doesn’t have to be tangible at this point, but be consistent and you will see the fruits of your labour in the future.

Priscilla Shin, Psychotherapist, Singapore
Priscilla Shin, Range Counselling Services, Singapore
What is your favourite business tool or system?

I really enjoy using social media to market and share information about RANGE Counselling Services. Using social media to market has expanded my network and reached audiences beyond my imagination. It’s amazing what social media can do for your business, but also use it carefully! It can backfire as well.

It is important to celebrate your achievements, particularly during the difficult times. How do you celebrate your achievements?

Honestly, nothing too big! Just sharing good news and achievements with my family and receiving that affirmation from them encourages me to continue working hard.

Being in business is like an education in itself, what are the three most important lessons you’ve learned in your business?

Lesson 1: Be consistent – It’s not about the big, sudden movements in the business but keep the consistency in the small things that I do.​

Lesson 2: Be patient – Fruits take time to grow, so be patient. If it takes 9 months to give birth, it will likely take a longer time to build a sustainable business!

Lesson 3: Be encouraging (to yourself) – Encourage yourself with the small wins, and little rainbows!

What business-related book or podcast has inspired you the most?

Atomic habits – one of my all-time favourite books that keeps me grounded.

The purpose of such an interview is to promote your business. Please tell us, who is your dream client?

My dream client is someone who is seeking to improve on their mental health and wellness, who recognises the importance of mental health and values personal growth.

If you are Priscilla’s dream client, please contact her through her website, Range Counselling Services.

Thank you for taking the time to connect with us Priscilla. We are delighted to showcase you on our site.

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