In this week’s interview, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Giselle Lee, Founder of GLOHS.

A former financier, Giselle got cancer in 2015, and during treatments started taking classes on natural remedies to mitigate side effects of treatments, but then found that natural ingredients and a healthy diet can be transformative. She started GLOHS (which stands for Giselle Lee’s Organic Handcrafted Skincare) in 2016 with a mission of making more people aware of the benefits of natural products (and the harm of chemicals).

Connect with Giselle
Let’s start with the timeless 60 seconds ‘elevator pitch’, what’s yours?

GLOHS is an all-natural and organic skincare and health brand. Products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure freshness. We only work with small ethical farms from all around the world that uphold the highest farming and extraction standards and methods, which will in turn become highly potent, multi-functional and effective products. Our consumers are paying for quality and not for marketing and packaging.

At one point or another, it is inevitable that challenges will pop up in business. What’s your approach to overcoming challenges?

Tackle everything head on! Running a business is more detailed and complex in some ways (vs a corporate job). There are more aspects to care for. But the rewards are also more gratifying.

Sales and marketing are two very important, but different, functions within a business. What is your number one sales tip?

Be authentic. People can tell quickly whether it is a sales pitch or a genuine desire to help them / offer them something they want / need.

Giselle Lee, Organic Skincare,
Giselle Lee,, Skin Care Specialist
What is your favourite business tool or system?

None really, but I do use a few helpful tools like Canva, Later and Xero.

It is important to celebrate your achievements, particularly during the difficult times. How do you celebrate your achievements?

A pat on the back. Our biggest achievement is to gain a happy client.

Being in business is like an education in itself, what are the three most important lessons you’ve learned in your business?

Lesson 1: Stay true to what you believe in.

Lesson 2: Be persistent yet patient.

Lesson 3: Be nimble

What business-related book or podcast has inspired you the most?

I have recently been introduced to Dr. Andrew Huberman’s podcasts (Huberman Lab). He is a Stanford Professor and his mission with the podcast is to empower people with free knowledge to make themselves healthier. That is truly inspiring and is certainly the direction I am taking with my blogs on GLOHS Community.

The purpose of such an interview is to promote your business. Please tell us, who is your dream client?

I’d love to work with the Hong Kong Olympian team (with my health line).

If you are Giselle’s dream client, please contact her through her website,

Thank you for taking the time to connect with us Giselle. We are delighted to showcase you on our site.

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